German Designer Kitchens – Why Are They So Good?

German Designer Kitchens – Why Are They So Good?

Germany is known the world over for quality and excellence in manufacturing across multiple industries, and kitchens are no different. Germany has become synonymous with kitchen quality and reliability, anyone who wants a great kitchen that will last them for many years knows to look for a German designer kitchen.

This reputation has come from decades of consistently producing the best quality kitchens in the world. But why should you choose a German Kitchen? That’s what this blog post will explore.

German Kitchens Built to last

Your kitchen is an investment, you expect it to last 10-15 years at least. It is an area of your house that you will use several times per day and are likely to push it to its limits. It has to cope with everything from the complicated Sunday Roast for the family to toddler cake baking sessions. You need a kitchen that will consistently function well for year after year.

German kitchens are rigorously tested using robots which simulate years of hard use, meaning that they are all engineered to endure a minimum of 15 years of consistent usage. Generally, German kitchens are over-engineered to ensure that they can withstand anything you can throw at them, for example the wall units are built to hold greater weights than any other kitchen, so you don’t need to worry about putting your fine china in them.

Fully built rigid units

Most kitchens which you buy from a retail store come flat-packed, but not German designer kitchens, these come fully assembled and ready to be installed. This means that you can simply unpackage them and fit them in your kitchen, saving you a lot of time and effort.

The other reason that they come fully built though is because it ensures that they are built rigidly by professionals in the factory, this means that they are strong, very strong! Flat pack kits are designed to be easy to put together using basic tools, you can never be certain whether you have put them together in the best way possible, whereas these fully assembled kitchen units have been quality checked before they leave the factory.

Unapologetically Functional

Functionality is at the heart of German kitchen design. The point of a home kitchen is to work as efficiently and seamlessly as possible, so everything in a German kitchen is considered and designed to do just that. You should never be frustrated at the poorly thought out practicality of a unit storage that frustrates you and takes you away from simply enjoying your cooking.

German kitchen design have been refined over the years to sneak storage where you never thought possible, giving you flexibility in how you use your kitchen. For example, the le mans corner unit features a pullout which means you can store heavy items at the back corner, normally an unusable space. This is just one functional features of a German kitchen, there are hundreds more.

German Design

You may think that with so much focus on build quality and functionality that design would not be a big consideration, well you’d be wrong. Despite the reputation that German products have for practical, but un-imaginitive design, German kitchens have stunning design.

There are hundreds of design choices to choose from, so no matter what your style and personal tastes are, we can find the right choice for you. No two kitchens are the same and each needs individual design consideration.

We love working with German designer kitchen manufacturers because they give us the ability to match almost any colour kitchen door fronts with a wide range of styles and unit types, giving us unlimited design opportunities for your kitchen. The German manufacturers can do this because everything is custom made, nothing is ‘off the shelf’.

Modular Kitchen

German design is forward thinking and technology led, focusing on ensuring that your kitchen stays relevant and up-to-date for as long as possible. They do not try to evoke and recreate the design nostalgia of the past, as you would see with a lot of the US manufacturers.

A great example of this forward thinking design is with the German handleless kitchens. They took an already established kitchen style and took it to the next level. The handleless door design previously only included a cut out ridge along the top. German designers came up with a ‘true handleless’ design, this is where a channel is attached to the carcase, to allow the door to be opened from the top or the side. These true handleless designer kitchens give you clean lines, uncluttered door fronts and a feeling of space, they are now one of the most popular kitchen collections in the world.

Value for Money

Buying a cheap flat pack kitchen from your local DIY store is a false economy, it may be cheaper at the time, but it will quickly show wear and tear, not lasting anywhere near as long as a German built kitchen. German kitchens are a long-term investment in your home, they enable you to enjoy using a kitchen that can cope with rigorous daily use, and because the design is forward thinking, it’s unlikely to go out of fashion.

Also, Germans have refined the kitchen manufacturing process over many years, they are experts in making kitchens as efficiently as possible. This means that you can buy incredibly high quality kitchens with the exact specifications you need, without paying over the odds.


Germany has some of the oldest kitchen brands in the world, their expertise in the kitchen industry has grown exponentially over time, the “made in Germany” hallmark has now become synonymous with quality kitchens. When you buy a German kitchen, you get precision engineering and attention to detail, coupled with incredible functionality and forward thinking design. It is these attributes which have given Germany the reputation of making the best kitchens in the world.

When you invest in a new kitchen, you need to know that it will last. German designer kitchens are built to endure anything that you can throw at them, you can relax knowing that your kitchen will stand the test of time. So, whether you’re looking for a high gloss kitchen or a handleless kitchen, you’ll love the modern kitchen design of these quality German kitchens. Get in touch with us today and let’s start planning your dream kitchen.

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